Masonic Theatre Chandelier

I was invited by Commonwealth Architects, in Richmond Virginia, to create a chandelier, for the lobby at The Masonic Theatre, in Clifton Forge, Virginia. Excited by the opportunity to create a chandelier for this incredible theatre, I was even more jazzed, when asked to incorporate parts and pieces from three of the original light fixtures, that had been hanging in the actors apartments, within the building.  

The aesthetic design of this chandelier goes beyond the expected, much like what theatre offers us. This is my visual story about the relationship of objects old and new. 



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The Ability To Create Comes From The Ability To See

Wow! I was asked to design a light fixture for The Valentine Richmond History Center! Twelve months later, it's finished and is hanging in the newly renovated Lobby /Gift Shop.

My vision for the design of the chandelier, was solidified last November, during a visit to the archives of the museum. Referencing the history and architectural details, embedded within the building and having the opportunity to walk the isles of the museum's archives, created so much excitement inside me. One that I would imagine, a child might feel, inside an incredibly lavish candy store. The children's toy collection, including whimsical tin and wooden pull toys as well as the sweet wooden dollhouse furniture, captured my attention immediately.  What an experience, to be immersed in a sanctuary of Richmond history! It was an inspiring journey through sacred and revered grounds. 

Phoenix Handcraft, worked patiently with me in fabricating this chandelier. They were artistically diligent, in creating the specific details that would allow the fixture to remain genuine to my original inspiration.  

The handmade wire and crystal floral embellishments created by local jewelry designer,   Karyn Shonk  , hang amongst the vintage glass ornaments from the top of the chandelier. 

The handmade wire and crystal floral embellishments created by local jewelry designer, Karyn Shonk, hang amongst the vintage glass ornaments from the top of the chandelier. 

Flashback... One of my favorite memories, when I was an art student In NYC was Calder's Circus exhibitedat the Whitney Museum.  I wanted this fixture to be as whimsically inviting.  

In appreciation, because it almost always takes a village. First thank you Sue Ellen Gregory and Bill Martin for your passionate support! A huge thank you to Phoenix Handcraft, for your patience and skill and for allowing me to work in your space. Once again, I am forever grateful for Colonialmetalcrafts/Shades of Light, for tolerating my passionate energy, and for your problem solving ability and skill. Casey Godlove, our delivery ride downtown will be remembered for a very long time! Thank you so much for being there!

Now that the museum has reopened, I hope that you all can get to visit this beautifully renovated space. It's Richmond history at its best. It's The Valentine!

Showered with Lights and Sweets - A Piñata Inspired Chandelier

Still, so excited from my experience designing this crazy sculpture, (an explosion of color and light) for Iron Chef, Jose Garcia's newest restaurant, Distrito located in Moorestown, NJ. 

This is a share of behind the scenes photos, the process and the amazingly talented makers that helped to create it. 

The Inspiration

The Inspiration

A great big thank you to Andrew Carnwath, Art Director and co-owner of The Odd Couple. Andrew, introduced me to Fine Arts Painter and Muralist, Mickael Broth, who brilliantly and skillfully painted all of these brightly striped Bolero shapes that were turned by woodworker Dave Pendergrast, who I met at Northern Tools while purchasing a pipe cutter with Jeremy Connell, developer and owner of The Pie Factory in Manchester, who reminded me about Dave Pendergrast, when I called him to inquire about my need for a woodturner... Forever grateful to Jason Fredrick, Ben Padgett and Harrison Christy of Colonial Metalcrafts now part of Shades of Light, for more than just their highly skilled wiring capabilities!  Thank you Max Fisher for your incredible determination in seeing the installation through and Casey Godlove for your assistance in your finishing touches. I love it when everything falls into place!

Light up Your Life

I'm happy to announce we have new lights in our shop! The Whisk Sconce and Birdcage Chandelier.

Take a look, plug one in and turn it on.

-Wendy Umanoff